WadzPay and Societe Miniere D’Investissement SA (SMI) Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Mining Asset Financing


WadzPay and Societe Miniere D’Investissement SA (SMI) Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Mining Asset Financing

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The Collaboration for Digital Asset Tokenization to Boost Economic Empowerment in the Republic of the Congo

Nusantaranews, JOHANNESBURG, Africa, June 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WadzPay Technologies Africa Pty Ltd, a leading global blockchain-based solutions provider for financial services, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with SMI, an investment and financing vehicle for mining related projects in the Republic of Congo. This collaboration aims to accelerate mining assets digitization, provide financial support to the MSME enterprises and foster economic growth in the region.

The partnership follows SMI’s mission to leverage its mining assets as collateral, enabling access to international financial markets for essential funding. WadzPay’s expertise in blockchain technology and digital asset management aligns seamlessly with SMI’s objectives, facilitating the tokenization of a portion of SMI’s mining assets.

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with SMI. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, we aim to unlock new avenues of financing for the mining sector, driving sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the Republic of Congo.” – Mr. Anish Jain, Founder & Group CEO of WadzPay

WadzPay will provide below services under this partnership:

Provide Secure Efficient Technology Platform for Tokenization: This includes converting economic value and ownership rights derived from SMI’s assets into digital tokens on blockchain.
Management Services: In addition to providing its technology platform, WadzPay will offer management services including tokenomics, token pricing, token listing, marketing, and advisory services. These services are tailored to support SMI in achieving its fundraising objectives and fostering investor confidence.
Exchange Services: Wadzpay will manage exchange services for primary and secondary markets.
M. Brice Gatse, Chief Executive Officer at SMI, stated: “For us, as an SME, the partnership with WadzPay represents the hope of an entire continent. Tokenization allows African states, most of which are engaged in programmes with the IMF and subjected to debt restrictions, to overcome barriers to investment. Tokenization offers these states the opportunity to use their natural resources as collateral to raise funds and finance extractive industries, which are sources of wealth creation and poverty alleviation. Through this innovative financial engineering, WadzPay is opening a new era for the financing of developing economies. It is also a way to democratise investment, as a wider range of people can now invest in mining, energy, and infrastructure projects that were previously reserved for large financial groups. This represents an opportunity that aligns with a multipolar, decentralised world enabled by Blockchain technology. We wish our collaboration a great success.”

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