EAACI Congress Kicks Off in Valencia, Spain


EAACI Congress Kicks Off in Valencia, Spain

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Precision Medicine, Immunotherapy, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as Key Topics

Nusantaranews, VALENCIA, Spain, May 31, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The EAACI International Congress has commenced with the slogan “Revolutionizing patient care through the power of data science.” Over the next four days, experts will discuss the latest advancements in this impactful area. Allergies, which represent a significant public health issue, encompass a variety of conditions.

Drug allergy is a major adverse reaction that can have serious consequences. “Antibiotics, particularly penicillin and its derivatives, are the drugs that most frequently cause allergic reactions,” says Maria Jose Torres, Secretary General of EAACI. “NSAIDs, radiological contrast media, and chemotherapeutics are also responsible for a significant proportion of reactions,” she details.

Asthma, especially when combined with obesity, has a considerable impact on quality of life if not properly managed. “These two prevalent health conditions significantly affect people’s quality of life,” stresses André Moreira, Co-Chair of the Congress Scientific Program.

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